1939 Westclox with an Animated Harley Davidson

SKU: WX385
  • Model: Vintage Modified

    Manufacturer: Westclox

    Description: This is a vintage 1939 Westclox Big Ben style 4 that has been converted into an animated clock featuring a fellow riding a Harley Davidson. The dial is a rendition of a vintage Harley Davidson advertisement, showing a screened background of a race horse and jockey.

    Condition: The works have been cleaned and lubricated. It has two bushings installed, plus a bushing was made for the centerwheel. It has a new old stock hairspring on the balance. It runs nice - the alarm and animation work great. The case was left in its original rustic condition. The nickel has a bit of of rust and tarnish.

    Dimensions: 4.5" dia. (approx.)

    Warranty: None*


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